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Sound recording studio Voicemaster is one of the leading studios in St. Petersburg. Our specialization is vocal recording. At our studio you can record a solo song, vocal duet, trio, quartet, quintet or vocal ensemble of any shape and number of voices. We record songs for celebrations: a song as a gift, a song of the bride at a wedding, etc. For such tasks, we also offer to prepare a copyright text.

Our studio regularly records songs for corporate events, for example, for the New Year celebration. The largest event agencies and private event organizations work with us.

We are also ready to record instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, acoustic guitar, flute, oboe, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba.

Vocal recording

Renting a studio

Renting a class

Video shooting

For performing artists, we offer the creation and recording of copyright arrangements using electronic and live instruments, as well as the creation of musical material, scores. We provide multi-camera video shooting of concerts with editing and correction of the recorded sound.

On the basis of our studio I work with professional vocalists who are ready to record back vocals, additional vocal parts or to fully sing all the musical material. Our studio also has professional vocal teachers who will help you record your voice, prepare and learn a song in the studio for further recording.

We offer gift certificates for recording a song in a recording studio for one, two or three songs.

We work with students, with those who are just learning to sing, as well as with professional singers. A professional teacher is always available during recording process to help to record the voice or an instrument in the best way. All records are corrected: intonation is corrected, pronunciation and articulation are corrected.

At the moment, over 4000 songs are recorded in our recording studio. More than 6,500 artists recorded their songs and other musical material in 7 years.

Elizaveta Korsakova

Elena Prozorova

Ekaterina Grigorjeva

Veronika Kolmagorova

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